Korean Society of Toxicology

President's Message

Dear KSOT/KEMS members,

It is a special honor and a privilege to begin my term as the 17th president of Korean Society of Toxicology/Korean Environmental Mutagen Society. I wish you all a happy new year and best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

On behalf of the KSOT/KEMS and myself, I first want to express sincere gratitude to my predecessors, without whom the KSOT/KEMS would not exist. Their significant efforts brought success to the 13th ICT in 2013 and 7th ASIATOX in 2015. Our Society has been playing a major role in the advancement of toxicology, as a member of the International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX) as well as the Asian Society of Toxicology (ASIATOX). Moreover, the KEMS has been regularly contributing to the IAEMGS (International Association of Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Societies) and AAEMS (Asian Association of Environmental Mutagen Societies). Thanks to their works, our Society has gained international recognition.

Our Society is devoted to studying the safety, toxicity, and risk analysis of various substances that people are exposed to daily. We endeavor to contribute to the industries by resolving existing or potential problems concerning safety in various fields; including medicinal, food, cosmetics, and consumer products. We also have garnered great interests from our nation's government, industries, academics, military, media, and consumers for consultations regarding various safety-related issues.

As the newly instated president, I look forward to working with my fellow members to ensure the continuing success of the Society.

A joint meeting of IAEMGS and AAEMS will be hosted in Seoul in 2017. Your cooperation and support will be integral for successful and productive meeting.

With the efforts of our editors and reviewers over the past years, our official journal, Toxicological Research (TR) was listed in both SCOPUS and PubMed, and now aiming the SCI(E). I would like to express many thanks, as well as congratulate everyone who made this possible. To ensure the further advancement, your continuing interests and supports are crucial. I ask for your active participation so that Toxicological Research may grow even further and gain international recognition.

Due to rapid growth of industry and economy, a demand for safety also rise day by day. In the "Era of Risk," we who study various toxicology-related fields have heavier social roles for they are directly linked with safety assurance. The KSOT/KEMS consists of the scientists from diverse disciplines with the common interest of toxicity and safety. Our society benefit from your committed and talented leadership. The science and camaraderie of the members will bring out a synergy to our talents. I, as a president of the society, will do my best to serve the interests of our members and invite your input as to how we can better serve you.

Thank you again, for the privilege you have bestowed upon me as your president and I look forward to working with you in the years ahead. I wish to all members Happy New Year.

With my sincere regards,

Hoonjeong Kwon, PhD